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Welcome to consultancy-emirates.com

We’re an award winning Dubai based consultancy,
loving digital transformation and change.

We don’t have a style — we have standards.
  • Consultancy Emirates helped us to standardize our processes globally and to increase the response rate of our internal stakeholder.
    Matthew Horms
    FastCon Group, CEO
  • The biggest benefit of your workshop was the iterative improvement of our products and a continous delivery.
    Albert Hernemann
    SWISS retain, Managing Director
  • The time savings are immeasurable. With a well defined process appropriate actions can be taken, including tasks and reporting across the organization.
    Alfonso Camarini
    DigiNerds Italia, Director of Technology

Our Services

We provide trainings for Project Management, Kanban, Scrum, XP and SixSigma. Our standards are PMI, Scrum Alliance and IBQMI.

Evaluation of business

After evaluation, we model an agile process to fit into your business.

Optimised for speed

We teach you the ability to deliver new functionality to users far more frequently than current processes are able to.

Agile planning

Together with your team members, we plan and agree on the backlog items they are confident they can complete.

Highly customizable

We employ what is called an empirical process model which leads to continuous improvement.

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Comitted to standards

Industry leading standards for your business

IBQMI® Accredited Training Partner

Certified Kanban Coaches® and Certified Lean Project Managers® will train your organization.

Scrum Trainings

We train our teams in scrum, using the standards of Scrum Alliance

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Lean Six Sigma

Our trainers will use the standards of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) for all trainings.

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We accept orders in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Gate, Level 6 P.O. Box 72561 Dubai, UAE

Email: order@consultancy-emirates.com